How to Use Items From My Collections

Whether you purchase a few or all the items from a collection, the best way to integrate them into your other decorations is to keep everything else simple and within the color scheme of the collection you chose.

For example if you are having a pirate party get plain colored table clothes in black or red. Then accent with again, plain, plasticware and paper cups in black or red. Add streamers and balloons. Over the food table hang a fishing net and use small clothes pins to hang pictures of your child through the years on the netting. This makes for a great backdrop that looks wonderful and sentimental! With simple accessories, the designs of the water bottle labels, cupcake wrappers and birthday banners will stand out and make sense as a cohesive themed party. Steer way from other designs that although may be alone the same theme, they may not go well with your collection.

Just remember, keep the design of the collection you chose through out the party and accessorize using the same color scheme, and your on your way to great party!